Terms of Use Agreement for Users of Evidence of Insurance

The Evidence of Insurance is not a certificate of insurance nor does it confer any rights or obligations upon the user; it is for informational purposes only, namely, evidencing insurance coverage for an insured by any interested party.

The Document is used in place of a certificate for the purposes of administrative convenience and overall cost savings. Access to Evidence of Insurance is available at all times, except when system administrators perform maintenance, in which case the site may be temporarily unavailable.

I.) Definitions. The Terms of Use Agreement will be known as the Agreement. The Evidence of Insurance will be known as the Document. The User is defined as any individual or organization accessing, printing, transmitting, or otherwise using the Website and Evidence of Insurance information. The Website is defined as the electronic location http://www.haysaffinity.com/online-evidence/firt/Property; which contains the Evidence of Insurance and the Terms of Use Agreement documents.

II.) User Compliance.  The User(s) of this Website and its contents hereby agree to all terms set forth in this Agreement. The User also agrees to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to the usage, transmission, and privacy of the information contained within the Document and the use of the Website.

III.) User Waiver of Rights.  By using this Website, its contents, and documentation, the User hereby agrees to waive any and all rights to hold FIRST INDUSTRIAL REALTY TRUST, INC. or Hays Companies legally responsible for any claims which may arise from use of the Documents or Website. The User agrees to hold Hays Companies and FIRST INDUSTRIAL REALTY TRUST, INC., and their subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees harmless with regard to any claim or legal action resulting in the use of the Documents or Website.

IV.) Proprietary Documentation.  The Documents and Website are considered the intellectual property of Hays Companies and under copyright. Any use not in compliance with applicable copyright laws subjects the User to possible infringement claims. In addition, any User found to be in violation of these laws will be subject to all available statutory remedies. Hays Companies reserves the right to prosecute and pursue claims against any User not in compliance with applicable law.

V.) Usage Restrictions.  Users may not change, alter, or adapt the Document in any way or for any purpose; however, Hays Companies reserves the right to alter the Document whenever it is deemed necessary. Hays Companies will not be liable for any User who alters or changes a Document and uses such to their own ends. Users agree to keep the Document confidential within their own organization and among their own employees and not to share or otherwise make available the Document, or any information contained therein, to any third party.

VI.) Licensing and Compatibility.  Users are not guaranteed technological compatibility with the Website by Hays Companies or the Insured entity. No license is given to any User by their use of the Website or any information contained therein.

VII.) Mutability of Document.  Hays Companies reserves the right to alter any Document at will, without prior notification to Users, and through its use of the Website, a User acknowledges the information contained within the Website is subject to such change without prior notice or other communication by Hays Companies or its Insured.

VIII.) Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability. Except As Set Forth In This Agreement, Hays Companies Makes No Warranties, Either Express Or Implied, Concerning The Website Or Any Information Contained Therein, And Hereby Expressly Disclaims All Implied Warranties, Including Warranties Of Merchantability Or Fitness For A Particular Use Or Purpose.  In Addition, Hays Companies Shall Not Be Liable To The User Or Any Other Person For Any Direct Or Indirect Damages Arising From Use Of The Website Or Reliance On Any Information Contained Therein, As Well As Any Incidental Or Consequential Damages Arising Out Of Or Relating To This Agreement, The Website, Or Any Information Contained Therein.

IX.) Representation.  The User acknowledges through their use of the Website that they possess the necessary authority on behalf of their organization to agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

X.) Contact Information.

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